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I met Jill at a treatment center.  She was my first DBT instructor.

Jill patiently unravels the mysteries of DBT to teach us how you can consciously become aware of your internal thinking so that you can determine and choose behavior to improve your life and your relationships.

She has an unparalleled dedication in her heart to your understanding the concepts and begin making them into your own skill set , no matter what it takes.  Jill’s patience and determination for your personal success never waivers.  It is truly unusual.

Jill is a professor and teacher of the highest regard, in my opinion, because she is a true healer in that her own journey has brought her here to this place. 

With Jill guiding me, I have been able to make many positive changes.  I realize now it is a process that has begun and doesn’t end.  By being the way she is,  Jill has become one of the most influential positive forces in my life.  I hope to always return to her for furthering my understanding of DBT and putting it into action in my life for me and my happiness.

               -Client HG

Dr. Jill Rubinstein is a highly skilled and experienced therapist. Her leadership in this field is a no-nonsense approach to leading by example and placing her mission first and people always!

She’s one of those rare individuals that has been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, and helps others from deep within her heart with a caring, practical, and experiential approach! She focuses on you personally as an individual that has thoughts, feelings, and the ability to make choices to take action or not.

THE BEST LESSON THAT DR. JILL TAUGHT ME WAS THAT, I OWN MY RECOVERY AND MY PROGRAM. It is unique to me, only me, and it can only be taken from me if I choose to surrender or cede to another individual’s control.

Her clinical, yet common sense approach to problem solving and leveraging Marsha Linehan’s DBT techniques is therapeutic medicine that works! Dr. Jill helped me level out and manage my PTSD symptoms, where others, nor the VA, could help.

Her love of the outdoors and the application of challenging, but non-threatening experiential therapy techniques provides a practical open-air classroom environment to become holistically healthy and heal the mind, body, and spirit! Her processes and therapeutic techniques allow one to experience the happiness, joy, peace, serenity, and the freedom of the mountains. There is nothing like putting DBT practices into play through artistic expression, meditation, self-care, and self-love on a mountaintop!

I would highly recommend Dr. Jill’s magic to those who are troubled with trauma(s), and, especially Veteran’s. As I embark on my own practice, I am grateful for her help and will shamelessly apply many of her approaches to my own clientele.

               -Client KB

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Jill! She helped me develop critical DBT skills I use on a daily basis when I need to dig deep and work through an emotionally difficult situation. She provided the missing puzzle pieces that I needed to help navigate life as a highly sensitive person. I often hear Jill's voice as I work through tough interpersonal interactions and emotional overwhelm. She has a winning combination of showing empathy, being able to relate without judgment, incredible patience, and encourages accountability with compassion. Working with her has improved my life dramatically by giving me a valuable personalized toolbox for handling stress and setting health boundaries.

               -Client KP

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